SM Korealine Corporation respects the value of its customers as a global energy / resource transportation company.



The corporate symbol of Korea Line Corporation represents its spirit aim globalization and become a first-class shipping company worldwide.

The KLC is an expression of confidence in its long history.

also represents the company's strength of creating a new shipping culture which implies the will to improve the ability with other shipping affiliates in SM group.

  • Initial'SM' obtained from the origin of'SAMRA MIDAD', the main brand of the parent business
  • Pursuit of human life and values, which are the most basic of the three places of the universe and Sehangso
  • Emphasizing , which constantly strives with happiness, integrity, and responsibility
  • Expresses an ascending curve that rises endlessly with vigor and leap in the heat of success that rises using warm colored RED COLOR.
  • S : Success (success, achievement), Summit (normal, peak, peak, pole), Sublimate (sublimation, idealization)
  • M : Moral (moral, ethical, moral), Mind (mind, mind, spirit), Make (create, achieve, achieve, create)

For CORPORATE IDENTITY, use Korean, English, etc. exactly as illustrated.